First Impressions

The date was January 27,2007 and it was the day my entire life changed.  I had already been dating your daddy for about a month and it was my first time to meet you.  It was the first time your daddy was ready to bring me into your life. You were 5 years old and in kindergarden at Hutto Elementary.  I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on you.  The first thing I said (as you hid behind your daddy’s legs) was, “he looks exactly like you”.  Then you laid eyes on “Jorge” the hairy pink ball who turned into our very first crazy Cahak family member 🙂

I was working at Dell at the time and it was my once a month Saturday Manager on Duty shift.  I thought Daddy was jut bringing me a Zorba’s lunch, but instead, he brought me the love of my life.  We played for hours and you asked Daddy if I could come home for dinner and a movie that night (thus begins Cahak Family Night Tradition).  When I got to your house, you grabbed my hand. led me to the couch and we watched “Over the Hedge” snuggled up together.  You latched onto me that day and have never let go.  I pray that you never do.

I thank God everyday for you and your unconditional love.  You have changed my life in a way I never knew possible.


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