Movember 2014

November in pictures…


But first, let me take a chelfie…  Kris-T-Annnn’s 15th Birthday Party

Then, we had another amazing dinner night at Truluck’s, good times with my handsome Cahak Boys!



Walker & Texas Ranger take a little break from crazy and instead have a quick siesta…


1st Place in the Meridian Tennis Tourney – you earned it bubus!  I’m so proud of your hard work and talent in tennis and I pray that you have a long life of fun in the sun with tennis!!

image-14 IMG_20141119_161029

Just a little photo fun with my bubus…


And of course, the 8th annual Turkey Bowl.  Team Abusement Park was rocking’!!!

image-12 image-11

The turkey (take 2 for you) was amazing…to bad I forgot to photo the chocolate peanut butter pie.


Sherlock bubus!  I love the ridiculous sweaters he wears…to stinkin’ cute!!!


DC Smoove is famous!  You made it in the Horn Creek News Magazine!!  What a sweet face you have!!


Lord, I thank you for the amazing blessing Daniel is in my life.  This sweet boy has such a big heart and so much talent, I pray that you are keeping watch over him always.  Keep him safe from harm and help him to develop into man who is strong in faith and trust in You and Your plan.  Give us, his parents, opportunities to guide, support, encourage, and coach him and lead him to You.  Lord, I also lift up to you Daniel’s future wife.  I pray that she is buried so deep in You and Your word, that Daniel must first seek You to find her.  Give him wisdom and discernment to know when he finds her and give him strength to be a selfless man and husband and father.  Please help Daniel continue to excel in his academics and athletics.  Please help him to always choose happy and to always glorify You in all that he does.  In Your Son’s Holy Name I pray.  Amen!

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